How are the Potential Impact Amounts Calculated

For most advisory firms, the Truelytics eValuation model will identify tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in "potential valuation impacts" based on over 50 key performance indicators.

These impacts indicate areas where the firm is leaving money on the table according to the marketplace. These can include dozens of issues ranging from whether or not the firm has an emergency continuity plan in place, to the average age of clients, to how the business is utilizing or not utilizing technology.

Truelytics compares the answers provided by the firm, takes into consideration the firm's AUM, revenue and margins and then assesses the firm's current status against what the market says it values in the M&A process to deliver potential impact scores.  Not only does this provide Truelytics subscribers with an indication of where they can add value to their business, but it delivers a clear indication of the projects the firm should focus on and why.