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How to Limit Which Firms Certain Enterprise Users Can See

Some Enterprise Users should only have access to firms affiliated with a certain Broker-Dealer or OSJ. Now it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

If you are an Enterprise comprised of multiple Broker Dealers or have many OSJs under your umbrella, there are likely Enterprise Users that you want to limit to only having access to details for certain firms in Truelytics...the ones affiliated with those sub-enterprises.

We accomplish this by allowing Enterprises to create Categories at the Enterprise level (think of these as tags, like 'Broker Dealer 1' or 'OSJ 8').  Once these categories are created, they can be assigned to firms that are part of that group (NOTE:  firms can have multiple categories, like Broker Dealer 1 AND OSJ 8) AND now categories can also be added to an Enterprise User's profile, limiting their view to only firms with that tag included in their record (NOTE: Enterprise Users can only have one default category... think of it like identifying a sub-enterprise group in the larger enterprise).


In the instance highlighted here, the Enterprise User is only allowed access to the Firms that have been categorized (tagged) as Enterprise OSJ 1 firms. Category restricted users will still have the ability to filter their search by additional categories, but those searches would be in addition to the default category they are already restricted to.