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What is the Difference Between an OSJ user and an Enterprise OSJ user

The short answer is an Enterprise OSJ user is part of a larger Enterprise in Truelytics

Truelytics can support OSJs in multiple ways.  An OSJ that wants to manage their business in Truelytics, keep their data private and invite as many OSJ team members into their Truelytics instance as they'd like, can purchase an OSJ license directly from Truelytics.  This will provide them with the full Enterprise functionality of the TruePerformance solution and allow them to invite and administer all their affiliated firms within their private enterprise.

For 'Enterprise OSJ' users, a larger organization like a Broker Dealer invites an OSJ executive to become a user in their Enterprise and manage their OSJ from there.  The OSJ executive will still be able to view and manage all the details of their affiliated firms, help them with practice improvement and view benchmark reports limited to that OSJ, however, system administration, user import and other features will be administered by the managing Enterprise.