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What Agreements and Documents Should I Add to my Emergency Continuity Vault

Here are the types of documents to consider adding to TrueContinuity

Operating Documents Your Emergency Continuity Partner Will Need To Access

  • Certificate of Organization/Articles of Incorporation*
  • Operating Agreement/Shareholder Agreement (if you have any corporate structure other than a sole prop, you should have these documents)
  • Services Agreement (for affiliated companies)*
  • Broker-Dealer/Custodian/OSJ Agreement(s)
  • Business Plan (if you don’t already create an annual business plan, now might be a good time to start)
  • Vendor Contracts
  • Lease Agreements*
  • Loan Agreements*
  • Business Insurance Documents
  • Interim Continuity Plan (this document facilitates the transition/sale of your business – or temporary management – should there be a triggering event)
  • Succession Plan (this is your eventual retirement/exit plan)
  • Disaster Recovery Plan (this document outlines how firm operations will continue if there is an event such as a fire, hurricane, or other catastrophic event)
  • Client Communications
  • Marketing Documents

Financial Documents to Include in your Continuity Vault

  • Prior Three-Year Profit and Loss Statement
  • Prior Three-Year Balance Sheet
  • Future Year Budget
  • Current Firm Valuation

HR/Employee Documents to Include in your Continuity Vault*

  • Employment Agreement(s)
  • Confidentiality Agreement(s)
  • Non-Compete/Non-Solicitation Agreement(s)
  • Org Chart (to include bio, position, date of hire)
  • Roles/Responsibilities Description
  • Detailed job instructions for key employees
  • Compensation/Salary Data
  • Bonus Arrangements
  • Employee Benefit Plans
  • Stock Ownership Plans
  • Keyman Insurance Policies
  • Services Agreement (contractors)
  • New Hire/Training Modules

Personal Documents to Include in your Continuity Vault

  • Personal Will (if you haven’t reviewed this lately, now is a good time to do so!)
  • Estate Documents
  • Insurance Policy

*If applicable

Let’s be honest, you’re probably not going to tackle this entire document list in one sitting. We suggest setting aside time each week on your calendar until you’ve finished uploading everything. Remember, this is the “manual” you’re creating that will allow anyone to easily step in and manage the business – don’t lose momentum now! Having every essential document in one easy-to-find location will be critical to the success of your business going forward… and not just if the unthinkable happens. Imagine how much easier retiring will be someday if you stay on top of these documents!