Will my Firm Sell for my Valuation Amount?

Your eValuation is simply assigning a baseline value to your firm.

Probably not. Your eValuation is simply assigning an intrinsic value to your firm, viewing your firm the same way we would any other wealth management firm in any part of the country. Said another way, it is your baseline valuation; a starting point.

From there, any interested party would determine what they are willing to pay based on their own assessment of your firm and the objectives they are hoping to accomplish. Someone may see something in your firm that they really like and would be willing to pay a premium over the base valuation amount. Another might see something they don’t like and want to apply a discount. This is the “fair value” and will be specific to any party that you speak with (chances are 5 different parties would present 5 different fair value  - or offer - amounts).

Additionally, if you are contemplating an internal transition, i.e., selling equity to next gen, you’ll need to decide on the purchase price (or “fair value”) to use for that transaction. Again, your valuation provides a starting point for whatever you desire to accomplish.